Free Monitor Certificate expiry via RSS

The expiration of TLS certificates is usually monitored with established monitoring solutions. Sometimes monitoring happens via services that send e-mails when the expiration date comes closer. Often times, these services require a sign-up.

I created an entirely free service that monitors the expiry of TLS certificates via RSS without any sign-up.

How it works

With your RSS Feed Reader of choice, you subscribe to


Example for scrutineer.tech: https://scrutineer.tech/monitor/cert/scrutineer.tech.rss

Some background info

How it looks


Coming up

I have more plans for monitoring TLS certificates based on certificate transparency logs. You can subscribe to this blog via RSS as well to be notified when it is ready.

Some time ago, I created a transparency log monitoring for the Go module ecosystem https://gosumdb.scrutineer.tech

By Raphael Sprenger